Come meet the band…

Cloven Hoof was formed in the heart of the West Midlands in 1979, any band with over a 40 year history is certain to see changes in personnel. Over that period, the band has made a string of critically acclaimed albums, and played many prestigious live concerts across the World. It is true to say the band have Legendary status in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement, but they never rest on their laurels.

The Fans are the most important thing to Cloven Hoof, and we are lucky to have some of the most dedicated and loyal supporters in the World.

Most of the present band have been playing together since late 2015. Lee had been working in the Studio with Chris Dando and Ash Baker, demoing Cloven Hoof and East of Lyra material.

Chris Coss and new guitarist Luke Hatton was recommended to the band by the highly respected Simon Lees ex Budgie and ace guitar teacher. Cloven Hoof will again tour Europe and America throughout 2023 extensively and the best is yet to come!

  Harry Conklin – Lead Vocals

Harry Conklin on vocals (later nicknamed the “Tyrant”), has raised the bar immediately since joining Cloven Hoof.

His powerful dynamic vocals and commanding stage presence takes the band to a whole new level.

Heathen Cross is the first hoof album to feature his blistering voice, and it’s darkly heavy overtones is a rerun to the bands roots with a vengeance!

lee  Lee Payne – Bass Guitar

Endorsement: Spector Bass


Live on Stage: Spector Bass exclusively Rex 5 string, USA Legend. Hi-Watt Amps – Roland GP5 Digital Bass Pedals – Triton Module. 

Lee is the only original founding member of the band. Until Joe joined the band he was the sole song writer and creator of all the music.

 Many bands have covered his songs and he considers it a great honour. His main influences come from a staple diet of science fiction and horror novels combined with Greek, Roman and Norse mythology.

 Nightmares also play a part in his song writing, he puts many of them into music form. Mr Payne only lives for one thing… the continued success of Cloven Hoof and playing heavy rock music.

  Ash Baker – Drums

Endorsement: Coming Soon


Live on Stage: 2 -Bass Drums 2 – Ride Toms. 2 Floor Toms. 1 – Snare w snare stand. 3 – Crash Cymbals w 3 boom stands. 1 China type Cymbal w boom stand.

Ash has worked with Lee in the recording studio for a number of years now so he was the logical choice to be a Cloven Hoof drummer. He made his live debut for the band at the Keep it True Festival in Germany and he took to it like a duck to water. His precision style fits the band to a tee and the complex time signatures and multi time changes in the Cloven Hoof back catalogue are something he truly excels at. In the studio Ash plays like a metronome so he is one of that rare breed of drummers who can really master a click track to perfection. Ash sings, plays guitar and drums equally well, and is a tremendously versatile multi-instrumentalist.

chris  Chris Coss – Guitar

Endorsement: Coming Soon 


Live on Stage: ESP Truckster, Jackson Scott Ian Soloist T-1000 in Silver. Washburn FV 20 V, ESP LTD RC600 in Purple. Line 6 Spider Valve Amp. FX Pedal – Boss GT 8

 Chris is a perfectionist blessed with an upbeat ‘can do’ attitude. He is the type of person who never makes mistakes even at rehearsals because he practices relentlessly. Intelligent and articulate Chris is very calm and level headed. Mr Coss is a keep fit fanatic and enjoys rock climbing, wind surfing and mountain biking. Chris is like a machine with the accuracy of his rhythm guitar and he plays mean lead on occasions too. Above all Mr Coss is the cool surfer dude of the band with a strong sense of style and inner calm.

  Luke Hatton – Lead Guitar

Endorsement: Coming Soon


Live on Stage:  Jackson SL3, Jackson KEXTMG, Boss GT8 Multi FX Pedal, Rotosound Strings, Dunlop Jazz III plectrums.

Luke is a guitar virtuoso who has built up his relentless skills through years of practise and gigging. He has released two solo albums (available from which have both been sold internationally and he has had over half a million views on his YouTube channel. In contrast to his intense musical conquests, he’s a very laid back guy who’s always up for a good laugh and you’ll never see him without a cup of tea near by.