Opening Ritual EP lyrics

The Gates of Gehenna

(Part 1 – The Grand Deception)

Look on high,
son of man I stand before you.
Celestial traveller of time and space.
Take my hand,
discover realms beyond the living.
Cast aside the mortal fears,
that ever plague your race.
Leave your world behind,
seek and you will find,
the Gates of Gehenna.

 (Part 2 – Beyond the Veil)

 Sinners scream, from tormented fate,
redemption but a dream too late.
Damnated souls, in the aftermath,
of Gods own wrath.
With paradise lost forever… and ever!

(Part 3 – Truth Unmasked)

Now you will know,
your reason here.
Mine is Lucifer, destructor,
abductor of your soul.
Seek not escape,
once lured to Hell’s own kingdom.
None may elude my presence,
nor relinquish my dread control.
You are sold to brutality,
never to break free,
the Gates of Gehenna.

 (Part 4 – Requiem)

My fate is sealed in shadow,
denied the gift of light.
Cast down, damnated,
banished from salvations sight.
The prey, of the betrayer,
spirits never finding peace.
An eternity, of suffering,
possessed without release.
You’ll never get away, no!

Words and Music / Lee Payne

Starship Sentinel

From beyond the outermost reaches
of our solar system, dwells an all
powerful life form. For whom space
and time holds no dominion. Guardian
of the galaxy… Overseer from the stars.

Long have I gazed towards,
your spinning sphere of sadness.
My spirit have grieved for you,
in anger and despair.
I can restore reason,
provide a path that all might follow.
A beacon in the darkness,
to contentment fair.


I’m the Starship Sentinel,
last of a time forgotten race.
I’ve grown weary of the anguish,
adorning mans embittered face.
Let me bring enlightenment,
to a world that’s lost it’s way.
Rebuild a brave tomorrow,
heed my word this day.

Your multitudes oppressed,
by doubts and fleeting fears.
In adversity desperation,
through tormented troubled years.
Now change it, rearrange it. 

Equality is not a dream,
beyond humanities endeavour.
Let it be a goal that can,
and must be attained.
Sensibility is the key,
to cure your ills forever.
That the unity of man,
can be gained.

The sands of time are running out,
man must make a stand.
Another lifeless victim,
another blood stained hand.
You must overthrow corruption,
free the world that gave you birth.
Don’t seal your own destruction,
My poor deluded children of planet Earth.

Words and Music / Lee Payne


Behold the heavens darken,
storm clouds the light of day.
Thunder proclaims his coming,
the lash of lightning paves his way.
All that falls before him,
lies shattered in his wake.
Victim of the fury,
that makes the very mountains shake.


Beware there goes stormrider,
he’s coming for you and me.
Better keep a running,
‘cause to die is not to flee.

Driving like a demon,
bringing onward wind and rain.
His presence enrages,
storm into hurricane.
Turn the tides of destruction,
when rider roars on high.
Expect no mercy now get ready,
Stormriders time is nigh.


See the darkness engulfing everywhere,
feel the violence hanging in the air.
Prepare make haste get ready to defy,
When stormrider cracks the sky.

Words and Music / Lee Payne

Back in the USA

Get ready for some action,
people of America take your turn today.
Come see the mainline attraction,
guaranteed to rock all your blues away.
Say hello Chicago,
we’re gonna rock from Detroit to LA.
It’s great to be here in Kansas city,
nowhere else that we’d rather stay.


Rocking in the US,
Back in the US of A.
Rocking in the US
Back in the US of A.

I get the strangest feeling,
when I unpack my case.
See the sights of New York city,
my pulse begins to race.
So get off your seat and on your feet.
We’ll bring the walls right in on this place.
Come on and face the music,
we got the time if you can stand the pace.


Down, get down. (Woah)
Down, get down. (Woah)
Let the beat carry you away!

Words and Music / Lee Payne